Mission / Vision


Our mission is to be a department that can follow technological and scientific developments in the field of computer and information, with competent, creative, scientifically productive, science and experiment-based, participatory, digitally and academically capable individuals who have learned how to learn, do not shy away from taking responsibility, educate individuals at undergraduate and graduate levels, and contribute to transforming knowledge produced internationally into social and industrial benefit.

The mission of our Computer Engineering department is to educate students to become excellent professionals and leaders in the field of computer engineering by providing them with an outstanding education. Our mission involves equipping students with a strong academic foundation, practical skills, and analytical thinking abilities, as well as fostering ethical values and social responsibility. Additionally, we collaborate with the industry to keep our students updated with current developments and prepare them for the industry.


To be one of the best computer engineering departments in our region that is nationally and internationally accredited, in constant communication with other universities and the private sector, and providing high-quality education on an international scale.

The vision of our Computer Engineering department is to be a leading department in the field of computer engineering. To achieve this vision, we continuously develop innovative approaches and teaching methods. We encourage students to actively participate in research and development activities, providing them with a strong technical foundation. We also support them in developing leadership skills and undertaking projects that contribute to technological innovations.

Our vision also includes conducting research in the field of computer engineering that adds value to society and industry. Our faculty members lead research projects that shape the industry and contribute to scientific advancements. In this way, we pursue the goal of creating new opportunities in technology and innovation and providing solutions to societal needs.

Our Computer Engineering department also offers opportunities for students to enhance their interdisciplinary collaboration and communication skills. As a result, our graduates will have the competence to lead in different sectors and interdisciplinary projects, as well as effectively contribute to solving societal problems.

In line with our mission and vision, our Computer Engineering department aims to provide students with a comprehensive experience in the field through a wide range of educational opportunities, research opportunities, and close relationships with the industry.

In addition, the following elements are also part of our vision:

Innovation and Technological Development: Our department aims to develop students' abilities to lead technological innovations. By acquiring skills in the design, development, and implementation of new technologies, our students will become pioneers in the industry.

Service to Society: Our department focuses on using knowledge and skills in computer engineering for the benefit of society. Students are encouraged to generate solutions to various social problems, meet the needs of the community, and create technological innovations for a sustainable future.

Continuous Learning and Development: Our Computer Engineering department supports students' lifelong learning and development. By providing them with up-to-date knowledge and skills in line with rapidly changing technology trends and industry requirements, we enable our graduates to gain a competitive advantage.

Global Perspective: Our department has a global vision and aims to enhance students' ability to work globally. By offering international collaborations, cultural diversity, and enriched learning environments with different perspectives, we enhance students' capacity to understand and solve global issues.

Collaboration and Networking: Our department encourages students to establish close relationships and collaborate with the industry. Through internship opportunities, industrial projects, guest speakers, and alumni-supported networks, we enable students to connect with the business world and access career opportunities. In line with this mission and vision, we are committed to providing you with a solid education as the Computer Engineering department.

Last Update Date: 01 June 2023, Thursday