Candidate Student

Fields of Activity :

Computers and computer systems are widely used in many areas today. Computers are used in almost all parts of the business world, entertainment sector, telecommunications and various other industries. Computer engineers are employed for the development, testing and usage of such systems.
Computer engineers can be employed in software and hardware development companies and consultancy firms that develop and adapt various computer aided solutions. In these companies, computer engineers can take part in teams organized according to various production processes and methods, and take role in the development, testing, support and marketing of software and hardware solutions, as well as the governance and management of the organizational processes.
Computer engineers can also work in institutions that make use of various software and hardware solutions. Institutions in sectors like education, business, trade, finance, service, consultancy, and government can hire computer engineers to take part in multidisciplinary teams, and work on the development, customization, and maintenance of software and hardware solutions specific to the area.
There are also attractive employment opportunities for computer engineers in the world of popular culture and entertainment. Computer engineers play an active role in the development of computer games, mobile and web-based applications. In addition to working in companies that develop these applications, computer engineers can also start their own ventures as entrepreneurs with a relatively low cost.

Job Opportunities :

Computer engineers are very much sought after, and have been for a long time. It is really difficult to think of any other engineering field with equally good prospects except those related to informatics. Almost every business needs computer engineers in a variety of ways ranging from database application design and development to networking and computerized control. Job prospects for Computer engineering graduates are as diverse as the applications on which computers are focused, and hence limitless.


Last Update Date: 08 February 2019, Friday