The last week of each month will be held once on Wednesday. Graduated students are required to submit their internship books. The date, time and place of the internship interview will be announced from the Department website.


Internship interviews will be held in 2-person commissions. The dates and times of the interviews will be announced to the students from the departmental site and the students have to be in the interview places on the specified day and time. Internships of students who are not interviewed before presenting a valid excuse will be considered invalid.

As a result of the interviews:

1-Accepting the internship.
2-Partial rejection of internship.
3-Total rejection of internship.
4-There will be situations such as the transfer of the internship to a higher commission. (5 or 6 people commission)

In case of graduation, only students who are in the internship interview should request an interview via e-mail. Upon this request of the student, the internship commission will give the student an interview date after 5 to 15 working days. The student will be interviewed by the commission on the date and hour announced.


Students can ask questions to Berat ALPERTURK (Internal No. 4267).


Internship Instructions

Internship Book

Certificate of registry

DESCRIPTION 1: Duplicate the last page of the Internship Book according to your internship day.

EXPLANATION 2: After the insurance certificate is issued, the students must attach one photograph to the related fields of the certificate registry and the internship book and seal the photographs from the student works. In addition, prior to the internship, the department approval section of the internship record must be approved by department vice-presidents or internship commissioners. Relevant students are announced.

Last Update Date: 22 January 2019, Tuesday