Devfest Kütahya 2018

Devfest Kütahya 2018

Devfest Kütahya 2018 event took place on 1 December 2018 Saturday with the leadership of the computer and IT community and GDG Kütahya team. The event, organized under the main sponsorship of Google, has been organized in many areas such as Mobile Technologies, Google Assistant, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security, UI / UX.

Emre Tekin, Merve Başak, Elif Gamze Yücel, Ümit Duran, Okan Davut, Mert Ceyhan, Daron Yöndem, Berkin Malkoç and Gürhan Kodalak attended this event as speakers.

In this event, which aims to reach many developers and technology enthusiasts in Kütahya and the neighboring provinces;

Emre Tekin: "Exploring the v28 Android Desing Support Library Additions"
Merve Başak: "Hey Google! Here We Go"
Elif Gamze Yucel: "Cyber Security"
Ümit Duran: "Look I’m the Flutter"
Okan Davut: "From 0 to 1 to be an Engineer"
Mert Ceyhan: “The only choice is Kotlin!"
Daron Yöndem: "Easy Way to Get Mobile Applications"
Berkin Malkoç: "Second Spring of Artificial Intelligence Current Developments in Deep Learning"
Gürhan Kodalak: “Let's Manage Memory"
Daron Yöndem: "Empty Stop Running Free"

Presentations were held.

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