Technology, Thought, Conversation

Technology, Thought, Conversation

More than 800 students attended the event titled l Technology, Thought and Conversation organized by the Artificial Intelligence Community of our Department on 20 October 2018. The event started at 10.00 am and continued until 18.30 pm

Speakers :

From Koç System Firm : Hakan AYDIN - Software Developer 
From Vodafone Firm : Serkan ÜÇKUNLAR - Software Engineer
From Mastercard Firm: Alper OKUNAKOL - Database Manager
From Ford Otosan Firm :  Mustafa DERTLİ - Maintenance Manager
From Atarlabs Firm: Mustafa MISIR - Cyber Security Advisor
From Deep Learning Turkey Socacity: Emel MÜFTÜOĞLU 
From Safkan Software Firm : Yaşar SAFKAN - Software & Information Technology Management Consultant 

were participated.

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